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Magnolia Vanilla Pearls - Evergreen Michelia Magnolia

Magnolia Vanilla Pearls - Evergreen Michelia Magnolia (5 ltr pot size)

**Magnolia 'Vanilla Pearls' (Evergreen Michelia Magnolia)**


Magnolia 'Vanilla Pearls', also known as Evergreen Michelia Magnolia, is a delightful evergreen shrub renowned for its elegant form, glossy foliage, and fragrant, creamy-white flowers. This hybrid magnolia is a versatile addition to gardens, providing year-round interest with its attractive foliage and beautiful blooms. 'Vanilla Pearls' is valued for its compact size and tolerance of various growing conditions, making it suitable for both small and large landscapes.


- **Height & Spread:** Typically grows 6-8 feet tall and wide, forming a dense, rounded shape.

- **Foliage:** Glossy, dark green leaves that remain attractive throughout the year, offering a lush backdrop for its blooms.

- **Flowers:** Fragrant, cup-shaped flowers in creamy-white with a hint of yellow at the center, blooming profusely in late winter to early spring.

- **Light Requirements:** Prefers full sun to partial shade; benefits from protection against hot afternoon sun in warmer climates.

- **Hardiness:** Hardy

- **Soil:** Well-drained, fertile soil; mulching around the base helps retain moisture and regulate soil temperature.


- **Year-Round Interest:** Provides evergreen foliage and seasonal blooms, enhancing garden beauty throughout the year.

- **Fragrance:** Delightful fragrance from its flowers, attracting pollinators like bees and butterflies.

- **Compact Size:** Ideal for smaller gardens, borders, and as a container plant on patios or near entrances.

- **Low Maintenance:** Generally pest-resistant and easy to care for once established.

**Care Instructions:**

- **Light:** Plant in a location with full sun to partial shade; provide afternoon shade in hot climates to protect foliage.

- **Water:** Maintain regular watering, especially during dry periods. Ensure soil remains evenly moist but not waterlogged.

- **Soil:** Plant in well-drained, slightly acidic to neutral soil. Amend heavy clay soil with organic matter to improve drainage.

- **Fertilization:** Feed in early spring with a balanced, slow-release fertilizer formulated for flowering shrubs.

- **Pruning:** Prune lightly after flowering to shape the plant and remove any dead or damaged branches.

- **Mulching:** Apply a layer of mulch around the base of the plant to conserve moisture and suppress weeds.

Enjoy the beauty and fragrance of Magnolia 'Vanilla Pearls', a versatile evergreen shrub that adds elegance and charm to any landscape. Its year-round appeal and low-maintenance nature make it a prized addition to gardens seeking both beauty and practicality.

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