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Patio - Deck Cleaning and Maintenance London

Patio, Deck Cleaning & Maintenance
In London

We provide professional Patio & Decking cleaning and maintenance services in London, and surrounding south east areas. 

Deck Cleaning, Repair & Maintenance

If a timber deck is left untreated then it has no protection against the effects of weathering, rain, snow, freezing temperatures and harmful UV rays from the sun. Unprotected wood decking will soon start to fade and turn grey from the sunlight and if too much water is absorbed into the wood this can lead to rot and decks splintering and splitting.

They will also get dirty and algae or moss can quickly colonise a deck making it unsightly to look at and slippery and dangerous to walk on. Moss, lichen and algae thrive in damp conditions and untreated wood never properly dries out, except perhaps during a heatwave, but they’re not too frequent in the UK.

We also provide decking cleaning, repair & maintenance services in London and surrounding areas. Exterior decking needs some weatherproofing protection and this means using :

  • decking oil

  • stain

  • paint

  • protector / sealer

  • wood preservative

If you are unhappy with the current state of your patio or decking and you live in London, contact us now to get your free quote!

Our deck cleaning and maintenance in London is able to apply any of the treatments described above ensuring a high quality professional finish for your decking. We are also able to strip away any old coatings of stain, paint or oil which need to be removed before re-treating wood decking.

When cleaning decking we use decking cleaner and reviver that has been specifically designed to clean and brighten wood decks and containing a fungicide to kill and remove algae, lichen and mould. It also opens the pores of the wood preparing it for a protective treatment such as oil or stain.

Deck cleaning Services London

Patio & Driveway Cleaning

We are a leading Patio and driveway cleaners in London and you can be assured of the highest standards of professional patio and driveway cleaning for all types of paving including BLOCK PAVING , INDIAN SANDSTONE , PATTERN IMPRINTED CONCRETE , STAMPED or DECORATIVE CONCRETE , LIMESTONE , YORK STONE , TARMAC & CONCRETE, RESIN BOUND & RESIN BONDED SURFACES

For patio & driveway cleaning we make use of professional high pressure jet washing machines, including a high performance rotary surface cleaner.

Our system enables us to efficiently remove surface grime, algae, moss, lichen, weeds and oil stains etc.

Upon completion of a thorough clean we can additionally treat the surface with an algaecide/fungicide to discourage the re-growth of algae and lichen, which will keep your driveway or patio cleaner for longer.

After your driveway or patio has been professionally cleaned, you have the option of having the area cleaned and treated with an appropriate sealant to keep your driveway or patio clean for longer.

Sealing Benefits

  • Inhibits weed growth and loss of sand from joints

  • Waterproofs surface and restricts growth of algae and lichen

  • Helps prevent colonisation of ants nests

  • Enhances the natural colours of pavers or flags

  • Makes your driveway more oil resistant

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