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Garden Design services London and surrounding areas



Let us design your dream garden complete with plans.

4 simple steps to your dream garden…

Tape measure icon

1. Measure your garden

2. Fill the design form and fill in the questionnaire

Camera Icon

3. Upload a photo of your garden

4. We’ll expertly create and email your completed garden design

Bring your outdoor space to life!

Create a garden oasis and turn your garden into a calm and enjoyable retreat, helping you and your family make the most of your garden and enjoy the home and outdoors in comfort, style and tranquillity.

Always dreamt of that perfect garden but worried you couldn’t afford the designs and didn’t have the time to mess around, we have the solution for you. 

Our Garden Design Service is an easy and quick solution creating beautiful designs based around your practical needs.

Garden Designers London
Gardening Services London

Our Garden Designers

The reason behind our success is partly due to the companies ethos, ‘integrity and values are key to any service, combining those values with our creativity ’ producing a company at the cutting edge of design and a market leader in service. 

Our approach to our garden design service is to make every possible effort to not just meet the needs of our clients but exceed expectations.

We can design any garden style or size.



Designs and Installations for all natural Paving

We will plan and design the installation of your paving to save you time and money

We will prepare your ground to suit the chosen paving and your ground style

We will design your project to incorporate sizes of paving that will eliminate the need for too much cutting and reduce wastage


Designs for bespoke fencing & Installs

We offer customised or bespoke fencing or railings, our in-house design resources and can match

your requirements perfectly. we can work from your sketches or, if you have architects’ drawings, we can take those and make any subtle amendments necessary so the end product is, for example, stronger, lighter, longer-lasting,  more economical to manufacture, or quicker and easier to install.

Garden re-vamp & Overhauls

We Renovate your garden, which can range from minor changes such as replacing some plants and turf to completely replacing wooden decking or fencing, patio or artificial grass.
We are experienced Garden designers, professionals in every field.

Child friendly Garden Designs

Designing a child friendly garden that is both fit for children and adults can feel overwhelming. However, with careful planning and some selective zoning, we are very well experienced in achieving this. keeping your children’s entertainment and safety in mind is important in ensuring the space can be enjoyed at all times. We’ve listed a few of our top tips to creating a child-friendly garden below.


Educational nature

Child friendly surfaces

Trees & plants

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