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Core Garden Edge (65mm or 100mm)

Core Garden Edge (65mm or 100mm)

Core Garden Edge refers to a type of garden border or edging product designed to create defined boundaries between different areas of the garden, such as flower beds, pathways, or lawn edges. Here are the key features and details about Core Garden Edge:


- **Material:** Typically made from durable materials such as plastic, metal, or composite materials. Plastic edging is often lightweight and easy to install, while metal edging provides a more robust and long-lasting option.

- **Sizes:** Core Garden Edge is available in different widths, commonly 65mm (approximately 2.5 inches) or 100mm (approximately 4 inches), allowing for flexibility in design and functionality based on the specific landscaping needs.

- **Design:** The edging usually features a simple, straight profile with a smooth or textured surface, depending on the material. This design helps in creating clean lines and preventing the spread of grass, mulch, or soil across different garden areas.

- **Installation:** Installation of Core Garden Edge is typically straightforward and can often be done by homeowners without professional assistance. It may involve digging a shallow trench along the desired edge, placing the edging into the trench, and securing it with stakes or fasteners.

- **Benefits:**

- **Aesthetic Appeal:** Provides a neat and tidy appearance to the garden by defining and separating various landscape elements.

- **Functionality:** Helps to prevent grass encroachment into flower beds, keeps mulch in place, and provides a barrier for controlling soil erosion.

- **Durability:** Depending on the material chosen, Core Garden Edge can withstand weather elements and maintain its appearance over time with minimal maintenance.

- **Versatility:** Suitable for both residential and commercial landscapes, offering a versatile solution for different garden styles and layouts.

- **Maintenance:** Requires occasional cleaning and inspection to ensure it remains securely in place and continues to perform its intended function effectively. Some materials may require periodic checks for corrosion or damage, especially in harsh weather conditions.

Core Garden Edge is a practical and aesthetic addition to garden landscaping projects, offering a customizable solution to enhance the overall look and functionality of outdoor spaces by providing clear and durable borders between various garden features.

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