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Carex Testacea ( Prairie Fire)

Carex Testacea ( Prairie Fire) (3 ltr pot size)

**Carex Testacea (Prairie Fire)**


Carex Testacea, commonly known as Prairie Fire, is an ornamental grass that adds a splash of vibrant color to any garden. This evergreen sedge features fine, arching leaves that transition from olive green to a stunning copper-orange hue, resembling flickering flames. The plant forms dense clumps, providing excellent ground cover or adding texture and color to mixed borders.


- **Height & Spread:** Typically grows to 18-24 inches tall and spreads 12-18 inches wide.

- **Foliage:** Narrow, arching leaves with a unique color gradient from green to copper-orange.

- **Hardiness:** Hardy in USDA zones 6-9.

- **Light Requirements:** Thrives in full sun to partial shade.

- **Soil:** Prefers well-drained soil but is adaptable to various soil types.


- Ideal for borders, containers, and rock gardens.

- Adds year-round interest and color contrast to landscapes.

- Low-maintenance plant suitable for modern and traditional garden designs.

**Care Instructions:**

- **Watering:** Regular watering is required until established. Once established, it is drought-tolerant.

- **Pruning:** Minimal pruning needed; remove any dead or damaged leaves in early spring.

- **Fertilization:** Apply a balanced, slow-release fertilizer in spring for best growth.

Enhance your garden with the striking colors and easy-care nature of Carex Testacea Prairie Fire, perfect for creating dynamic and vibrant landscapes.

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